Ashiatsu or Barefoot Massage Mayfair

Another style of deep tissue massage is called Ashiatsiu, which derives from Japan where ‘Ashi’ translates to foot and ‘Atsu’ translates into pressure. This style involves a therapist using their bare feet to walk along trigger points found in the back that may hold built up tension and pressure over a long period of time. This technique involves the therapist using ropes, bars or stools to aid their balance on your back as they walk, pressuring specific areas that release the pain in the tissues. 

This style of massage will help you: 

  • Relieve any built-up stress caused from working- constant desk strain may contribute to this
  • Improve your flexibility over time by stretching your muscles more and more with each session
  • Help with soreness by increasing the blood flow that will help flush the inflammation out of the muscles

Ashiatsu has also even been known to realign your skeletal position by stretching the muscles and improving posture over time. This is the deepest form of Deep Tissue Massage that will help your body feel more weightless and refreshed.