Couples Massage Notting hill

If you are looking for couplesmassage in Notting Hill with either a friend or a partner, we offer a bespoke service whereby either of you can choose your own massage choice.

One couple has the option to have a completely different tailored technique used on their body to ensure an enjoyable experience with maximum relaxation. The three massages to choose from are:

  • Traditional Thai- To help relieve tension and stress built up within muscles due to reasons such as stress or sports injury. This technique involves contorting the body into yoga style positions that stretch and relieve built up pressure around the body
  • Deep Tissue Massage- release pressure and strains damaged in highly physical activities. This stroke is deep and hard to help get the blood pumping around the damaged tissue
  • Swedish Massage- Unlike a Deep Tissue massage, a Swedish massage involves softer strokes to relax and calm the body. This is the most traditional technique used for relaxing the softer tissue which can improve circulation, relax muscles and calm the nervous system
  • Ashiatsu- A form of Deep Tissue Massage, whereby the therapist will use their bare feet to walk along your back. The weight from the walking will help target specific pressure points that help relieve stress, tension and muscle strains