Deep Tissue Massage Mayfair

Looking for Deep Tissue Massage in Mayfair? Deep Tissue Massage involves a firm knead on tense muscles using the palms of the hands and fingertips to release pressure and strains damaged in highly physical activities. Similar to a Swedish Massage in Mayfair, this stroke technique isn’t as relaxing but is more for the purpose of relieving stress and improving the muscle repair by increasing the blood flow around the damaged tissue.   

If you have been working from home throughout the COVID19 pandemic and have been experiencing shoulder and neck pain, this is the perfect technique to really loosen up built up tension from sitting at your desk all day. If you have sat in a hunched position, paired with the reduction in body movement previously experienced working in a busy office environment- this can contribute to this tension. This technique will stretch the muscles and improve the soreness of the cramped tissue to prevent reoccurring pain.

Working from home can also contribute to issues such as Sciatica whereby pain radiates down your sciatic nerve to your lower back. This style of massage again, is great for improving comfortability and relieving shooting pains that can resonate in the buttocks or legs. We will be as gentle as we can whilst also ensuring we provide the right techniques that will improve your condition and get you feeling better. 

When else should you get a Deep Tissue Massage?

If you are experiencing: 

  • Sports injuries
  • Tennis Elbow 
  • Lower back pain 
  • Any other type of chronic pain.