Thai massage in Mayfair

Looking for traditional Thai massage in Mayfair? A technique dating back to 7,000 years ago, at Thai Angels we will replicate this Ancient Technique to give you the best experience possible. Unlike relaxing massages such as Swedish or Shiatsu, traditional hai massage in Mayfair is the participant actively involving themselves in the massage by being positioned into yoga style positions to contort muscles. This style of massage gradually improves muscle flexibility and can target areas that are unable to be reached in other styles of sports massages or stretching techniques. Although it isn’t a procedure where you can fall asleep, it has been found in studies that Thai Massages is more effective in reducing stress than simply sitting or sleeping!


What to expect: 


  • Your body will be rocked, stretched and pulled into positions using the practitioner’s hands, knees, feet or legs and rocked for up to 30 seconds slowly stretching the muscles to relieve tension 
  • The Thai Therapist will use every part of their body even walk on your back to relieve pressure- it is very different to massages such as a Swedish where you are kneaded
  • This style of massage includes ‘Energy Work’ which pressure will be applied to specific points in your body. The positions will open up channels that will improve the flow of energy throughout your body and make you feel flexible and recharged
  • The positions should not cause any pain or discomfort so please do not be worried, we will be gentle as we can unless asked otherwise 

So, when is the best time to get a Thai massage? 

If you are: 

  • Stressed
  • Needing an energy boost 
  • Prone to headaches or migraines 
  • Wanting to increase flexibility 
  • Wanting to improve your blood circulation

If you are an athlete, Thai massage in Mayfair is great for improving blood circulation which helps bring more oxygen and blood flow to muscles/ tissues. Although sports massages are for deep repair, Thai massage in Mayfair can actually prevent injuries in the long term as well as improve the recovery time after intense physical activity.  

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